Custom Application Development Services


Custom Application Development Services

Although our priority is to save you money and get you faster on the market using best of breed solution, sometimes a custom application is the need.

Talk to our experts in server side stacks like Java (Spring), MEAN, PHP / Apache, WordPress, as well as client side technologies like angularjs, bootstrap.

Choose your technology

We have developed solutions in all the leading server-side stacks, ranging from Java (Spring), Ruby, PHP to Node.js and many more. We constantly research and compare the libraries of these stacks to provide you a better solution and reduced application development service costs. We also contribute to several open source projects as a way of giving back to the community.

iOS and Android Apps

We have developed native Android apps and iOS apps. These apps are integrated with server side backends over REST services using the best open source libraries. We also integrate payment solutions like payumoney, mobikwik, paytm, SMS gateways, and cloud solutions like Quickblox for text and voice chat.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

When you need a mobile experience on all devices with low cost, HTML5 is the platform of choice. We build HTML5 apps using  jQuery Mobile and Sencha touch, and wrap it up inside a Cordova / PhoneGap layer for integrating device functions like camera, GPS, contacts and push notifications.

Cloud Solutions

We are specialists in designing high performance cloud architectures, migrating existing applications to Amazon AWS using Autoscaling, Load balancers, EC2, S3 and other AWS services, and testing their performance. We also optimize your cloud costs using automated scripts for downgrading instances during less load.

Big Data Analytics

We have developed a mobile advertising platform for RubiconProjects, a leading mobile ad network. This includes a ruby frontend for designing campaigns and a Hadoop / HDFS backend for analyzing data. The historical data is stored into Amazon Redshift and mined using Pentaho. Talk to us for your unique big data solution.

Single Sign On

With our deep expertise in SAML and OAuth, we can help you integrate any application to a third party Identity provider like ADFS, Google, or Salesforce. If you want your own platform to act as an Identity source, we can integrate other cloud apps like Qualtrics, Salesforce, Microsoft office 365, and many more solutions.

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