Android – Upload Image Using Facebook Fresco

Upload Image Using Facebook Fresco

Uploading image in the android app is alway trick and one need to handle all those out of memory exception or other issues. Normally we  use image-choose-library to upload image in our android applications using ImageView as the view. Image-choose-library is very simple to use as it needs to write less code  and have several other […]

Develop offline mobile app using phonegap

In this article, we are going to demonstrate the steps that we followed while creating offline mobile app.

Developing mobile app for multiple platforms and supporting it on variety of mobile devices can be challenging. Next biggest challenge could be network connectivity issue,  what shall happen if there is no internet connection ? Do you want user to get frustrated as the mobile app won’t work at all. In these scenarios, offline feature for the mobile app […]

Case Study: The market potential of mobile commerce in India

Potential of mobile commerce

What does mobile commerce require? Superficially, it requires an incidence of a significant number of mobile phones among the potential users of the service. The other major requirement is obviously the willingness to use the mobile phones for these purposes. With the advent of apps for various ecommerce stores, the latter has mostly been taken […]

JqueryMobile – Conditional navigation to landing page

JqueryMobile – Conditional navigation to landing page

As we know jQueryMobile is a framework for creating mobile web applications and is compatible with all major desktop browsers as well as all major mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, WebOS, Symbian.jQuery Mobile uses HTML5 & CSS3 for laying out pages with minimal scripting. Lets Dive into JqueryMobile Implementation jQuery Mobile make […]

Mobile Commerce: Savior of retailers

Mobile Commerce

Conventionally bricks and mortar retailers are facing the giants challenges due to popularity and easy access of online shopping and mobile technology. Shopping and spending is shifting online as technology progresses and consumers become more mobile-savvy. China has recently seen a boom in mobile commerce- opening online stores in messaging apps. Many regional stores in […]