OpenA- is a social networking and e-Commerce Marketplace, platform

OpenA  is a social networking and e-Commerce Marketplace, platform website that makes it easy for any user to connect with the online social community, share with family and friends online.

openA provides an online marketplace platform that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. Sellers can create their own stores on the platform and list their products for sale, while buyers can browse and purchase products from various sellers.

The platform integrates with third-party services such as ByDesign and eBay to provide additional features such as multi-level marketing, inventory syncing, and order syncing.

openA also offers a split payment system through the Stripe gateway, allowing for immediate split amounts between the product owner, vendor, and openA, ensuring compliance with regulations or legal requirements.

Challenges of website

The company was looking to develop a new innovative social media with ecommerce platform. would offer both features within the same platform.   The primary challenges of the website were as follows:

  • Enabling customers to create their own stores and product owners to sell their items on the platform.
  • Integrating eBay for seamless selling of store items.
  • Implementing multi-level marketing facilities using ByDesign.
  • Calculate the commission on sale
  • Providing a self-digital wallet feature for users.
  • Including the ability to withdraw money through HyperWallet.
  • Incorporating an e-sign agreement between vendors and product owners.
  • Implementing TaxJar service to calculate tax on product sales.
  • Offering a split payment feature through Stripe.
  • Ensuring daily backup of data.

What We Did

To overcome these challenges, the Pragma team collaborated with OpenA and tackled each challenge systematically. Here’s what we accomplished:

1. We built an User registration and Login Process.

We created a registration and login system that enables users to sign up with their email address and password. Additionally, users have the option to sign up via their social media accounts, including Facebook or Google. Moreover, the openA platform offers three types of seller accounts – 

  • Normal Seller: Allow users to create his/her own Personal store and sell their own products in the marketplace.
  • Professional Seller: Allow users to create his/her own Personal store and Vendor Store. and sale their own products in marketplace and also sale other vendor product in marketplace
  • Ambassador Subscriber: Allow users for Multi Level Marketing. Users can sell products via MLM and get commision when customers buy the product.

2. We built an advanced Marketplace Module

OpenA approached us with a request for an advanced marketplace module that would support both Self-Store and Vendor Store for selling products on their marketplace. In response, we developed a customized “Advanced Marketplace” module that offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing the entire process of product listing and sales. It provides many features like:

  • We developed a product listing system that allowed vendors to create and manage their own product listings. Vendors could upload product images, add descriptions, and specify prices and quantities. Users could browse products by category, search for specific items, and view product details.
  • We developed a vendor management system that allowed vendors to manage their accounts, view their sales and earnings, and handle order fulfillment. Vendors could easily add or remove products from their store, manage their inventory, and communicate with customers.
  • We developed a search and filtering system that allowed users to find specific products or vendors based on their preferences. Users could filter products by price, category, rating, and other factors
  • We integrated the Advanced Marketplace module with the Split Stripe Payment gateway API to enable secure and reliable payment processing for customers. This integration allows for seamless payment transactions and ensures that transactions are safe and secure. 
  • To simplify tax calculations and ensure that vendors are charging the correct amount of tax on their products, we integrated the Advanced Marketplace module with the Taxjar service. 
  • The Manage Order Listing feature is an essential component of the Advanced Marketplace module that allows vendors to manage their orders and fulfill customer requests.

3. eBay Integration with openA

We implemented eBay SOAP API to integrate the OpenA products with eBay. The integration provide many features like:

  • Sync Product list from marketplace to eBay: We developed a custom module that allows OpenA vendors to easily synchronize their product listings on eBay with their product listings on the OpenA marketplace. The module uses eBay’s SOAP API to transfer product data from OpenA to eBay. The vendors can select which products to list on eBay and manage their eBay listings directly from the OpenA vendor dashboard.
  • Sync inventory on both OpenA marketplace and eBay marketplace: We also implemented a feature that automatically synchronizes the inventory levels between the OpenA marketplace and eBay. This ensures that the inventory levels on both platforms are always up to date, and customers can purchase products with confidence knowing that they are in stock.
  • Listener API to receive notifications for sold items on eBay: We integrated a Listener API that receives notifications from eBay when a customer purchases a product on eBay. These notifications are then used to update the order status on OpenA, so that the vendor can fulfill the order and ship the product to the customer. This feature ensures that the vendor’s sales data is always accurate and up to date, regardless of where the sale was made.

4. ByDesign Integration with openA

ByDesign integration with openA provides a seamless and efficient way to manage MLM transactions and commission calculations. The integration allows for accurate reporting and real-time updates, ensuring that all user and product data is up-to-date and accurate. The integration provide many features like:

  • Multi-Level Marketing using ByDesign API: We utilized the ByDesign SOAP API to implement a multi-level marketing (MLM) feature on the openA platform. This allows users to become ambassadors, professional sellers, or store owners and earn commissions by referring other users to the platform. By integrating with ByDesign, we were able to ensure accurate commission calculations and real-time updates for MLM transactions.
  • Sync users from openA to ByDesign using API: We developed a system that allows the seamless transfer of user data from openA to ByDesign using the ByDesign SOAP API. This ensures that all user data is up-to-date and accurate, allowing for efficient commission calculations and accurate reporting.
  • Sync products from openA to ByDesign using API: We developed a system that allows the transfer of product data from openA to ByDesign using the ByDesign SOAP API. This ensures that all product information is up-to-date and accurate, allowing for efficient commission calculations and accurate reporting.
  • Sync orders from openA to ByDesign using API: We developed a system that allows the seamless transfer of order data from openA to ByDesign using the ByDesign SOAP API. This ensures that all order information is up-to-date and accurate, allowing for efficient commission calculations and accurate reporting.
  • Calculate commission for MLM: By integrating with ByDesign, we were able to accurately calculate commissions for MLM transactions based on the referral hierarchy and commission structure set by the platform.
  • Calculate commission when customers buy products from the marketplace: We developed a commission calculation system that takes into account the commission structure and referral hierarchy set by the platform. This ensures that all commissions are accurately calculated and allocated to the appropriate user accounts.

5.We built an openA Digital wallet

We have implemented openA Digital wallet. OpenA Digital Wallet provides users with a convenient and secure way to manage their earnings and withdraw funds when needed. These are the key features of wallet we implemented:

  • We created a digital wallet feature that allows users to store and manage their funds on OpenA.
  • When commission is earned from ByDesign, we automatically add it to the user’s digital wallet.
  • We integrated with the HyperWallet API to enable users to withdraw funds from their digital wallet.
  • Users can view their digital wallet balance and transaction history on their OpenA account dashboard.
  • We implemented appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of user’s funds in the digital wallet.

6.We built an Split Payment Feature using the Stripe payment gateway API

We developed a Split Payment System that allows payments to be automatically split between different parties involved in a transaction. This system was implemented using the Stripe payment gateway API, which enables secure, reliable, and fast payment processing.

The split payment feature works by dividing the payment amount into multiple parts and automatically transferring each part to the relevant parties involved in the transaction. In this case, the parties involved are the Product Owner, Vendor, and OpenA.

When a user buys a product on the OpenA marketplace, the payment is first processed through Stripe. The split payment system then immediately calculates the split amount and transfers it to the respective accounts of the Product Owner, Vendor, and OpenA.

7.We built an e-Sign agreement feature

The e-Sign agreement feature allowed for efficient and convenient agreement signing between the different parties involved in the OpenA platform. These are the key features we implemented in e-Sign agreement:

  • We developed an e-signature system that allowed for electronic signatures to be collected from anywhere, at any time, and from various devices, such as computers, tablets, or mobile phones. 
  • We implemented e-sign agreement templates between different types of users in OpenA, such as Ambassador sellers, Professional sellers, Store owners, and Product owners. These agreements covered various aspects of their partnership with OpenA, including terms of service, commission rates, payment terms, and other legal requirements.
  • We integrated the e-signature system with OpenA’s user registration and login system, so that users could easily access their e-sign agreements and sign them electronically. Users could also view their e-sign agreements at any time from their account dashboard.

Major Achievements

Here are some of the major achievements in creating the OpenA Social Engine platform.

  • Increased Sales: With the integration of eBay, multi-level marketing, split payments, and a digital wallet, the platform may have experienced increased sales due to improved convenience and accessibility for both vendors and customers.
  • Improved Compliance: The platform’s integration of TaxJar may have helped businesses streamline sales tax compliance processes, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.
  • Enhanced Security: The platform’s use of AWS S3 Bucket for secure data storage and encryption at rest and in transit may have increased the overall security of the platform, protecting user data from potential breaches or cyber attacks.
  • Expanded Reach: The platform’s implementation of electronic signature agreements and ability to reach remote or international signers may have helped businesses expand their reach to a wider audience.

Technologies and Tools

  • SocialEngine.
  • Zend Framework.
  • WordPress
  • Twilio
  • Auth0 for authentication
  • SSO
  • MySQL
  • AWS
  • Git
  • SendGrid
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