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LeadSquared is a new-age SaaS platform that provides end-to-end sales, marketing, and onboarding automation solutions. its get higher sales productivity from all your teams

  • Marketing Automation: Push leads down the sales funnel faster with powerful lead nurturing features.
  • Field Force Automation: Boost the efficiency of all your field teams – sales, vendor onboarding, verification, and more
  • Self-serve Portal: Allow prospects and vendors to complete their applications online and manage their profiles.
  • Sales Execution CRM: Increase sales velocity and improve conversion rates. Use automation to help salespeople increase efficiency.
  • Sales Performance Suite: Achieve your sales targets. Define goals, measure progress, and gamify results with LeadSquared Ace

Challenges of website

The company wanted to redesign their website to make it visually appealing, easy to use, and optimized for performance. This would involve creating a clean design, improving the site’s speed, navigation, and search functionality, and ensuring it is optimized for different devices and search engines.

When a company is looking to redesign their website, they typically want to improve several aspects of their current site. Here are some key features they want in new website:

  • Migrated blogs from old website into the new website
  • Website Responsiveness
  • Good performance optimization
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Website Best Practices, SEO, and accessibility in Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Integration of LeadSquared Lead API into website
  • Third-party platform for storing the Apps marketplace data
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Chatbots integration
  • Exit-Intent popup for improving leads.

What We Did

LeadSquared worked with Pragmaapps to redesign the current website and site optimizations. Pragmaapps team conducted extensive research into the healthcare industry and the target audience for the website. Based on this research, they developed a design that was clean, modern, and easy to navigate.  Here’s what we accomplished:

1. Improved the website performance & optimization

LeadSquared was facing several performance issues with their website, which were affecting their online sales. These are the actions we taken to improve the website performance and optimization:

Website auditing using SemRush to identify any underlying issues:

We conducted an audit of website using SemRush to identify any underlying issues that were causing slow loading times. During the audit, we discovered several issues, such as large image sizes, inefficient coding, and outdated plugins, that were negatively affecting our website’s performance.

Following the audit, we optimized the website by compressing images, removing any unnecessary plugins, and optimizing the code to enhance the website’s speed and performance. Additionally, we improved the website’s loading time and performance by using the SVG and WebP image formats, which helps to reduce page size.

Implemented a CDN to distribute the website’s content across multiple servers:

To improve website performance and reduce load time, we implemented a CDN solution that distributes our website’s content across multiple servers. We chose to use the WpEngine CDN network to achieve this. By distributing the website’s content across multiple servers, we were able to improve its overall performance, ensuring that our website loads quickly and efficiently for all users.

  • Used Minify CSS and JS files to reduce file size and improve page load times.
  • To enhance the website’s performance, we minimized the number of server requests.

2. Allow managing multiple websites through a single WordPress installation

We built a network website for LeadSquared that allows them to manage multiple websites from a single WordPress installation. By using this approach, LeadSquared can efficiently manage all their websites while reducing their hosting costs.

3.Transformed the LeadSquared Website: From Unresponsive UI to Responsive Design with Enfold Theme

The LeadSquared website was experiencing UI glitches due to the use of an unresponsive theme. To address this issue, we recommended the use of a new theme, and ultimately settled on the Enfold theme to create all UI layouts.

We successfully built the LeadSquared website with a responsive design, making it easily accessible across a variety of devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

4.Efficient Lead Capture and Management: Integrated LeadSquared API with WordPress Cron Functionality

LeadSquared’s REST API is used for capturing leads, which we have successfully integrated to obtain user business requirements. However, occasionally, lead capture fails, and it is essential to retrieve these lead details.

To address this issue, we have utilized WordPress cron functionality, a system built into the WordPress platform that allows scheduled tasks to run automatically. By adding a cron schedule, we are now able to push all failed leads directly into LeadSquared CRM through the WordPress cron.

Our process involves saving form details into the boundary database table, running the cron from the WordPress cron event, retrieving all details from the boundary table, and finally, hitting the LeadSquared API to push all details into LeadSquared CRM. This approach ensures the efficient capture and management of leads for LeadSquared.

5.Integrated PartnerChampion Platform with LeadSquared: Retrieved and Displayed App Listings through REST API and WordPress Cron

We integrated PartnerChampion, a third-party platform for storing Apps marketplace data. To display this data on the LeadSquared integration page, we utilized the PC Rest API to pull all App listings and save them in the WordPress database. To automate this process, we created a WordPress cron hook to execute a scheduled job. Once completed, the data is stored in a WordPress custom post and displayed on the LeadSquared integration page.

6. Optimized Chatbots to Improve Website Performance

Chatbots rely on AI algorithms to mimic human-like conversations with users. However, their usage can have an impact on website performance due to the number of internal JavaScript and server calls they require. To address this issue, we have developed optimization strategies for various types of chatbots, including Drift, Engati, and Tidio Chat, with the goal of improving website performance.

7. How we made the TranslatePress plugin compatible with the Permalink Manager plugin for LeadSquared’s Indonesia version website

TranslatePress is a WordPress plugin that enables users to build websites with multiple languages. This plugin provides a great deal of flexibility, allowing users to customize their website as they see fit.

Recently, we created an Indonesia version of the LeadSquared website. Unfortunately, we encountered some issues because LeadSquared uses the Permalink Manager plugin to modify the Permalink. This plugin is not compatible with TranslatePress, which created problems during the translation process. To resolve this issue, we developed an integration that ensures TranslatePress and Permalink Manager work together seamlessly.

Major Achievements

  • Increased website performance and optimization, leading to a better user experience and potentially higher conversions or engagement rates.
  • Simplified website management by allowing multiple websites to be managed through a single WordPress installation, potentially saving time and resources for your client.
  • Streamlined lead capture and management by integrating the LeadSquared API with WordPress Cron functionality, potentially improving lead quality and conversion rates.
  • Enhanced functionality and user experience by integrating the PartnerChampion platform with LeadSquared, allowing app listings to be retrieved and displayed through REST API and WordPress Cron.

Tools and Technologies

  • Site Hosting-:  WpEngine
  • Integration-: PartnerChampion, Rest API, Cron job, LeadSquared API
  • CMS-: WordPress
  • Database & Languages-: PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Jquery
  • SEO audit-: Semrush, Yoast
  • Site Optimization-: GtMetrix, Google Page Insights
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