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Govmates is a free business development service for government contractors or large organizations. In this project, we have designed a simple ERP within WordPress for managing the contractor listing, searching, generating PDF reports based on the contractors selected, and managing conferences.


Regular meetings are an important ingredient to ensuring business success, but when they are no longer productive, it means lots of resources are wasted. Our client Govmates are in exactly this position and they are running meetings wrong time of day, have too many attendees, have no proper mechanism to schedule meetings, and lacked clear outcomes.

To overcome this challenge our team has built a custom solution to address the issues related to their scheduling meeting. This solution address and develop approaches to raise the quality of meetings with end-users with their availability at all levels across the organization. Using this approach, the number of meetings has dropped and they are being held at the right time of the day where practicable.

Apart from that one of the main goals was to provide reliable hosting services. Previously Govmates hosting having limited storage space, bandwidth, and CPU power and due to which sometimes, users were facing slow response, idel anytime when overloads. There are hundreds of hosting alternatives that offer different packages and benefits, but we analyses the Govments structure and services and on the basis of the it we use WP Engine to host the website.

  • Provide an ability to create physical and virtual meetings called conferences which can be used for team discussion.
  • added a new virtual meeting feature suggested by their teams due to the covid as they can not be able to do the physical meeting.
  • Implement a linguistic search against a large company dataset using customization
  • provide third-party plugin customization to add various features
  • Fully responsive website fully operational on both mobile and desktop

What We Did

In order to overcome these challenges our team has built a customized platform without wasting time, whether it is a quick internal meeting discussion or a weekly meeting, let’s create a conference using our custom solution and connect with them with ease.

Schedule Conference Meeting:

Govmates has multi-level companies on their platform where corporate companies want to schedule a meeting with end-users companies. 

We have written a solution by which corporate companies can connect with end-users companies manually. Using this approach, physical meeting details were shared with other teams.

Build the secure, reliable, and multi-users virtual conference meeting platform:

Previously Govmates were doing physical meetings with the end-users companies but during the Covid physical meetings were not possible and this become a challenging part to connect with the end-users.

In order to overcome this challenge, we have launched a solution that schedules a virtual meeting and shares it with the other teams automatically. Using this approach, attendees will not only notify but also get the meeting updated like their starting/ending time, links, etc.

The challenge behind the development of this solution was to make it easy for the organization to schedule a meeting. Previously, physical meeting hazard to managing their data manually, and there were no virtual meeting options for the end-users.

Microsoft Teams integration with Govmates conference meetings: 

One of the major tasks that Govmates allows us to use is Microsoft Teams integration with the platform to allow users to deliver better workday flow. In order to solve this challenge, our team spent a lot of time on it with other alternatives, we have connected with the Govmates team and collected their all requirement to integrate Microsoft Teams with the platform.

During integrating Microsoft Teams with the Govmates, we have to ensure to follow Teams design guidelines as well as want to give authenticated users access to the Govmate pages. 

We have done the Microsoft Team integration in a manner that detect whenever a meeting is required it loaded in the context of Microsoft Teams and automatically try sign in the current user with Microsoft using APIs provided by Microsoft Teams. It brings together required meetings with the members into one place and is accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Schedule Govmates Conference matchmaking relative sessions: 

One of the main pain points, important and complicated functionality of the Govmates is the matchmaking conferences that allow the smaller companies to open the door to connect with the large companies.

Our team has written a powerful matchmaking algorithm that connects smaller companies to large contractors based on similar interests, capabilities, customer past performance, set-asides, and other requested teaming criteria automatically. Our project management services ensure that matchmaking participants can interact with each other by starting meeting sessions at scheduled times with the correct people. Here are some quick features:

  • Formulaic and Methodical Matchmaking Using Relevance Scoring
  • Custom Conference Matchmaking Website
  • Scheduling Tool to Efficiently Calendar Meetings
  • Project Management of Matchmaking Process

A quick and effective Multiple Company search: 

Govmates publishes lots of conference meetings with their end users and to search multi-level searching is one of the main challenges. we used to modify the existing third-party PODS plugin to perform fast searches. using this way, We provide rapid, immense-depth search features to implement a fast search mechanism for searching end-users comapnies data.

Single Application to Rule All of them:

Our custom solution understands the problem faced by the Govmates team and develops the custom solution which makes life easier for the admin and end-user companies by automate the process of scheduling meetings with the end-users companies.

Control of your Meeting:

This solution provides comprehensive controls on your conference meetings and allows you to manage all aspects of the conference by allowing or removing users, muting, etc.

Performance & optimization:

Earlier, the Govmates website had low performance on Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix. We have improved the website performance & optimization.

  • Slow loading times: The website was taking too long to load, which was causing frustration among customers. 
  • High bounce rate: Due to slow loading times, many customers were leaving the website without doing any activities, leading to a high bounce rate.
  • Poor search engine ranking: The slow loading times and high bounce rate were also affecting their search engine ranking, as search engines prioritize websites that load faster and have lower bounce rates.

Responsive layout:

A responsive layout is a design technique that allows a website or application to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions which means that a responsive layout can adjust the content and design of a website or application to fit the screen size of the user’s device, such as a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Technology and Tools

Frontend Technologies
  • WordPress
Backend Technologies
  • PODS 
  • Custom Plugin
  • MySql
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