Socialengine custom development, plugins and mobile apps

Does your application require interaction between people, and allow users to collaborate, share information, upload photos / videos or even sell to each other ?

iPragmatech proudly featured in SocialEngine’s Company Spotlight with 100% satisfied client’s reviews.

Socialengine Custom Development

Development and customization of SocialEngine themes and plugins to create the unique look and functionality you want. We have built communities around education, kids, music, sports, e-learning.

Cloud Migration

We design high performance cloud architectures using Autoscaling, load balancing, EC2 and other AWS services, and deploy your online communities on AWS cloud to help you scale to millions of users.

REST API and Mobile Apps

Our REST API and native mobile app solutions for SocialEngine allow you to increase the engagement of your community. We also develop custom functionality for mobile apps and REST APIs for third party plugins.

Payment Gateway Integration

To help you monetize your community, OgoneFirstAtlantic,  Stripe,, Payu and CCAvenue are some of the payment gateways that we have integrated for online communities.

Third Party Integration

Seamlessly integrate your community and get data in and out to WordPress, Magento, Zoho, Salesforce and  more. We have also integrated several SMS gateways, eCommerce, ticketing and notification platforms.

Speed up Socialengine

We optimize the performance of online communities for fast response times and scale to millions of users, using techniques such as apache, php and database tuning, caching and php opcode engines.

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