Welcome plugin for SocialEngine


Welcome Slideshow plugin allows you to easily create very nice and stylish introduction slideshow. Slideshow widget can be put in wherever you want, slides are in any wished size and html compatible texts may be applied! It is great way to show your site benefits for visitors using very stylish slideshow.

Welcome Slideshow plugin features:

  • Welcome Slideshow Widget. Its widget is available in Layout Editor section and can be put in wherever you want.
  • Flexible and User Friendly. You can easily change Slideshow’s width/height according to your layout requirements using very simple interfaces.
  • HTML compatibility. You can use HTML tags in title and description of each slide, it provides easy WYSIWYG editor.
  • Customizable Slideshow Effects. Each animation effect has detailed controls so you can configure according to your needs and get a new nice effect. You can edit: width, height of slides to fit your layout requirements; labels opacity; delays between slides, etc.
  • Wide range of Animation Effects. Plugin has 5 different animation types but customizing their controls you get much more – about 20 effects! The following basic animation types are included:
    ● Tabs. Slideshow with thumbnails for each slide. Controls: html allowed; slide’s width and height
    ● Slider. Bright slider with a nice navigation. Controls: slide’s width and height
    ● Accordion. Very nice effect with accordion navigation. Controls: html allowed; width and height; default index; expand mode; pin mode
    ● Curtain. Fully customizable and rich for effects slideshow – just change several options and get a new effect! Controls: html allowed; width and height for slides; type(wave, zipper, curtain); strips count; title opacity; position; direction(fountain, left, right, alternate, random); sliding delay
    ● Carousel. Carousel effect for your slides. Controls: html allowed; width and height for slides; pause between slides; speed of sliding
    ● new Ken Burns. It is a new effect with panning and zooming. Controls: html allowed; width and height for slides; sliding duration
  • SEO friendly. No flash – it uses only javascript and css to get attractive effects.
  • newMultiple Slideshows. Now you can create as many slideshows as you would like and put them on any wished page using standard Layout Editor in admin panel. Each slideshow has own slides and settings so you can create attractive slideshows with various animation effects.
  • newLink-able Slides. Now you can set a link for each slide so visitors click on slides and are redirected to required URL.

Demo: http://demo.hire-experts.com/
Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Welcome plugin for SocialEngine
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