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One of the most popular pages in any social network is member profiles. Provide your members an elegant, modern and personal page. Get Timeline plugin and keep your social network up to date.

Timeline provides a new kind of profile page for SocialEngine. Timeline is a way to digitally document member’s life from birth to present, via wall posts, photos, videos, attended events, etc. It is beautiful and easy on the eyes. Timeline encourages members to fill their profile and missed events of life – as a result, members spend more time on your site and you get more user data to further appeal to advertisers.

Timeline plugin is implemented as extension of Wall plugin so why it requires Wall plugin.

Timeline plugin features:

  • Beautiful and User Friendly. Timeline entirely revamps Member Profile page – attractive look and easy on the eyes. Things are grouped and it makes so easy to browse member’s photos, posts, friends, likes and navigate by months and years.
  • AJAX. Timeline is fully based on AJAX – all things are handled immediately without loading of whole profile page. Ajax and various javascript effects allow your members to easily navigate and interact with Member Profile pages.
  • Timeline. Right now most of the posts you share vanish, it is so boring to click 10 times on `Show More` to check the passed stories. Timeline makes things simpler:
    Easy navigation – fixed timeline bar allows you to quickly browse activity by years and months and it loads all things via ajax so need to wait whole page loading;
    Easy on the Eyes – two-column activity feed, which is located along timeline bar, makes easy to see what the member is doing now and what he was doing a month ago;
    Grouped Activity – it groups activity by months and years, just roll down and it loads grouped activity
  • Cover Photo. This incredible feature allows member to upload a large photo which will be displayed on the top of Profile page. Let your members to share creative inspiration, let them make profile page more personal – maybe someone is traveller, or photographer, or fun of some sport.

    Upload Photo – upload any wished photo from your computer and make it cover photo.
    Choose from Photos – if you already have many photos then just select photo which you would like to make a cover photo.
    Reposition allows you to position large photo to get the most attractive effect.
    Remove – don’t like to display cover photo? Just remove it at any time.
  • Born. It is a nice form where your member can upload a photo associated with the member’s born. It is one more way to make profile more personal and interesting. It supports the same list of options as Cover Photo: upload photo, choose from photos, photo reposition and remove.
  • Personal Information. It is a block where displayed the member personal details: gender, birthday, first and last name. If you click on this block or link below then it displays detailed profile information.
  • Friendly Tabs. It is fully reworked to provide more convenience:
    Preview Tabs is a very attractive and user friendly tabs. Now it displays not only name of the tabs but also thumbnails of friends(Friends Tab), photos(Albums Tab), events(Events Tab), etc;
    Create new stuff icon is located on top right side of empty tabs and forces members to create and upload media to your site;
    More space for tabs, now tabs are displayed on a separate page – more space and much attractive;
    Tabs Menu is a nice menu which displays list of available tabs and allows to easily switch these tabs.
  • Filling in the blanks. If important parts of your member’s story aren’t included on the profile timeline, he can go back to when they happened and add them. It opens Wall form on the fly and set appropriate date which of course can be edited by the member.
  • You don’t want to force Timeline for profiles? It is flexible, you can allows members to select timeline or standard SocialEngine look of profile page. If you would like to force change profile page to timeline without any options, then you can do it easily from admin panel.
  • Editable Timeline page. You can control which widgets should be displayed on Timeline page via Layout Editor, like you do for standard Member Profile page.
  • Timeline on Pages. Finally Timeline is available on social pages created using Pages plugin, which allows to create business directory and social page for artists, models public figures, etc. Using timeline social pages looks more attractive for visitors and potential customers, timeline provides:
    ● page cover photo;
    ● grouped activity in timeline;
    ● user friendly tabs for page applications;
    ● page created date;
    ● page owner has option to turn on/off timeline view;
    ● timeline can be easily edited using page layout editor;
  • Groups plugin is supported and allows you to show attractive Timeline with a large cover photo on group profile pages. It is official Groups plugin from SocialEngine.
  • Events plugin is supported and allows you to show attractive Timeline with a large cover photo on event profile pages. It is official Events plugin from SocialEngine.
  • Offers plugin is supported and allows you to show attractive Timeline with a large cover photo on offer profile pages. Offers plugin allows your users to get discounts and coupons on your site, it increases users’ constant interest and loyalty – Offers plugin.
  • Other Improvements:
    ● backend optimized to speed page loading;
    ● supports recently released official themes;
    ● allows to put HTML boxes;


Timeline plugin requires Wall plugin which is seamlessly integrated on front-end and natively in the back-end(core).

Demo: http://demo.hire-experts.com/


Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Timeline plugin for SocialEngine
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