Survey plugin for SocialEngine


We have received a lot of requests about Survey plugin upgrade and feature suggestions. We appreciate our customers voice so now you can enjoy with new Survey plugin for SE4! Our experience which we have received from old survey plugin and your suggestions/ideas helped us to make Survey plugin be more functional with sexy appearance.
Survey plugin allows your users to create funny surveys like on Facebook. Users can create surveys, browse and pass surveys, see others results, find matches, share surveys, etc. This plugin helps to increase users activity and makes easy to find friends based on mutual interests, SEO friendly URL helps to drive more traffic to your site!
As most of our customers noticed, we constantly update our plugins with new features and improvements. We will adhere our principles and add more features into Survey plugin so please feel free to suggest your idea.

Survey plugin features:

  • Browse Surveys. Nice browse survey page where you can search, filter and sort surveys
  • Take Survey. Stylish Take Survey interface (fully in Javascript) makes process much easy and comfortable.
  • SEO friendly. SEO-friendly url allows you to drive more traffic to your site.
  • Categories. Survey plugin goes with pre-filled categories set but you can add/edit/delete categories.
  • My Matches. It is sexy stylish with javascript effects feature which allow to find matches and show them in very nice “distance” graph.
  • Publish/Unpublish.Survey plugin supports publish and unpublish statuses which allow user to keep in unpublished status until make all corrections.
  • HTML compatibility. You’re allowed to use HTML in survey description and survey results.
  • Images. Members can attach images into survey, survey results and questions. View Full-Size is supported!
  • Wall integrated. SocialEngine wall integrated so members can comment and “like”.
  • Share Survey. Members can Share Survey into own wall, it makes much more interaction.
  • Rates. Survey is integrated with Rates plugin so if you have already installed Rates plugin then rate-stars will available automatically. Note: Rates plugin is not required.
  • Flexible and Powerful. You control all needed settings for Survey in admin panel:
    – Minimal Results Count for survey
    – Minimal Questions Count for survey
    – Surveys Per Page
  • Wide range of Quiz Widgets.Survey plugin provides wide range widget which can be put in anywhere you want using Layout Editor in admin panel:
    – Most Taken Surveys
    – Last Taken Surveys
    – Most Popular Surveys
    – Most Commented Surveys
    – Recent Surveys
  • User Level Restriction. Admin can restrict users by user-level for: viewing, creation and taking surveys.
  • Privacy. Admin can set up viewing and commenting surveys by user-level privacy settings.

Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Survey plugin for SocialEngine
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