Store plugin for SocialEngine


Store is an e-commerce plugin that adds a feature-rich online store to your SocialEngine powered social network. This plugins lets members to buy your products and services online. Also your members can open own online store on your site, advertise products throughout social network and sell products to other members.

We bring together all kinds of awesomeness to make e-commerce better for you. Earn money by selling products and store advertisements. Get your store up and running quickly and easily what you make more money.

Store plugin features:

  • Easy and Flexible Management Store interface has been meticulously crafted to balance simplicity with flexibility, intuitively scaling to suit more complex needs.
  • SEO friendly. Product and category names, tags and store locations set page url, plus lots of under the hood search engine optimizations make sure site is more easily found.
  • Categories and Fields. You’re allowed to create product categories like Mobile Devices, Musical Instruments, Cars, etc. And each category has own fields which provide flexible description for your products.
  • Create Product. It provides simple and flexible options for products which will fit your requirements:
    Category. Allows you to categorize your product and specify particular information.
    HTML description. Allows you to describe product using simple TinyMCE editor.
    Preview Photos. You can upload preview photos of your product which are shown in a showy slider.
    Preview Video. You can upload preview video(Youtube and Vimeo) of your product which can be played by potential buyers on product page.
    Preview Audio Files. You can upload preview audio files of your product, for example, preview and/or introduction tracks of album, etc.
    Tags. Each product can be tagged and easily found by members via tag clouds widgets.
    Discounts. Allows to set special(discounted) price for products which allows to attract more customers, old price is crossed out.
    Attributes(Color, Size). Sellers is allowed to add custom attributes for products, if the product has options which should be selected by customer on purchase, such as: Size(Small, Medium, Large), Color(White, Black, Blue, Green), etc. It works perfectly for t-shirts, shoes, etc.
    Quantity. Now you can set quantity of products which are available for sale. This quantity is displayed for members and automatically calculated on each sale of the product.
  • Store Home page. It is a landing page of the plugin where you can put many attractive widgets to get more visitors. It is fully customizable via Layout Editor – just drag and drop features which you would like to see on this page.
  • Browse Products page is intended for searching products by keywords, filtering by price, tags and categories. It is built using Layout Editor and allows you drag and drop widgets to choose features. Available modes:
    List displays products with detailed information in list view.
    new Pins view is an attractive listing with focus on images (inspired by pinterest).
  • Product Profile page is a widgetized page and can be edited using Layout Editor – reorder and hide standard widgets: `Product Status`, `Product Information`, `Product Photos`, `Product Options`, etc
  • Basket page. You can customize even store’s basket – reorder, hide and add more widgets.
  • Widgets. Store plugin contains 5 customizable pages: `Store Home`, `Browse Products`, `Browse Stores`, `Basket` and `Product Profile`.
    The following widgets can be placed at desired locations using Layout Editor in admin panel. Each widget contains explanation-tip about what it displays and where can be placed. In total Store plugin provides 31 widgets, some of them:

    – `Product Categories` widget displays categories with SEO friendly links;
    – `Featured Products Carousel` widget;
    – `Sponsored Products Carousel` widget;
    – `Featured Products Slider` widget;
    – `Sponsored Products Slider` widget displays most viewed products;
    – `Product Of The Day` widget displays most popular product for current day;
    – `Product Search` widget displays options to search products by keyword and price;
    – `Sponsored Products for Site Footer` widget displays advertisement box at the page footer;
    – `Sponsored Products for Sidebar` widget;
  • Digital Products. Store supports digital/downloadable product type so now you can sale songs, books, images, software, audio and videos lessons, etc. Purchased product can be easily downloaded from customer area, also you can set up how many times products can be downloaded.
    new Now you can sell links, so if the provided file is very large and located in a file hosting, it is enough to attach link for sale.
  • Shipment. You can add supported shipping locations for your site, set shipping price and delivery time. Store plugin is pre-filled with world countries and USA states, and you are allowed to add new locations in admin panel.
    Your members fulfil their shipping address only one time and this information is used on their future purchases. The shipping price is automatically calculated and displayed on Checkout page.
    new No more headache with the shipment on selling multiple products. Now this is flexible for purchases of multiple products from multiple stores.
  • new Taxes. We’ve re-designed taxes so you can set a tax per delivery location. It provides more flexibility and allows to easily fit the locations’ tax regulations.
    The taxes are paid by customers and this amount is shown on Checkout page.
  • Wish lists. Each member can add to wish list the products they like or going to purchase later. The member can reach wish list in Buyer Panel at anytime. Also there is available a special widget – `Profile Wish list` which displays member’s wish list on his profile page.
  • Supported Payment Gateways. It is integrated with the following payment options but you can customize and add more:
    PayPal – popular payment gateway;
    new Credits – virtual money/rewarding points which are purchased or given for members activity on your site, it is available if you have Credits plugin. You can sale products for credits and enable this option only for the selected products. The price in credits is automatically calculated based on exchange currency which is set by you in admin panel.
  • FAQ. There is available FAQs section in admin panel where you can add helpful frequently asked questions and their answers for members. FAQs are displayed for members, store owners and visitors. The plugin is pre-filled with a bunch of FAQs and you can edit them and add more.
  • Statistics. Stores plugin provides detailed statistics for gross amount, sales count in a selected period – week, month and year. Also you can view statistics per product – sales count, gross amount.
  • Orders section provides information about sold product on your site per product.
  • Transactions History section provides information about each sales on your site per transaction.
  • Buyer Panel provides information about member’s purchases and products list with option to download them.
  • Featured Products. Select featured products to highlight them in a crowd of products to get more potential customers, advertise them throughout your social network using special widgets.
  • Sponsored Products. It is an additional type of products highlighting which allows to get more potential customers. Advertise sponsored products throughout your social network using special widgets.
  • Product Tags. Products can be tagged by owner and filtered by tags on `Browse Products` page and `Popular Product Tags` widget.
  • Share. Products can be shared by members.
  • Comments. Products can be commented by members. You can control who is allowed to comment.
  • Rates. Products can be rated by members. You can control who is allowed to rate. Highest rated products are displayed on `Most Rated Products` widget. This feature requires Rates plugin
  • Likes. Products can be liked and added to Profile Interests(check details on Like plugin page). This feature requires Like plugin.
  • Suggest to friends, share to facebook, tweet and more! If you have Suggestion / Recommendation plugin installed on your site then it allows you get wide range features like:
    – Sharebar widget which allows to suggest a product to friends, or share on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, or just within SocialEngine
    – `Mixed Recommendations` widget which intelligently recommends products to members depending on members’ social graph and popularity of the product.
  • Notifications. It notifies a member when someone like or comment his product.
  • Emails. It is a rich for email notifications:
    – page subscription status: pending, active, cancelled, refunded, expired, etc
    – product payment status: pending, approved, refunded, etc
  • new Offers. You can provide special discounts for purchasing bulk of products(up-selling). As soon as a member adds the product into the shopping cart, it automatically suggests him to add another product to unlock the discounted offer. It is an attractive way to increase selling.
    This feature is available if you have Offers & Coupons plugin.
  • Member Level Restrictions. You can control which member levels are allowed to view, comment, like and order products.
  • Many Other Features:
    ● Usability and design improvements;
    ● Set default view mode for products: Icon or List;
    ● Allowed downloads count for purchased digital products;
    ● Cart icon in Mini Menu on the page top – you can enable/disable it in admin panel;
    ● You can select on which pages will be displayed Cart icon on the sidebar;
    ● If member is not logged in then it display message and link to Login page;
    ● Improved location database, added 200 countries code for shipment;
    ● Products’ comments are displayed in activity feed;


Stores (requires Pages plugin family)

If you would like your members and local business to open their store and sell products on your social network, feel free to use Store plugin which perfectly perform this task. We provide seamless and deep integration of Pages plugin and Store, as a result we have a rich-featured solution for businesses in SocialEngine. Businesses can create own page, publish news and media(music, video, etc), provide support, promote products and services on your social network, and of course, sell using your page’s store.
It requires Pages plugin and Likes plugin to allow members to open stores. Also we recommend to consider other Pages plugin’s extensions to extend features of businesses official pages on your social network.

  • Stores section in admin panel displays list of available stores with their balance, earning, owner, etc details.
  • Commissions. You can take some fee from each sale of stores on your social network, flexible settings allows you configure it according to your needs:
    – `Percentage Commission Fee` allows you to set commission fee for Stores on your site and get percentage from each sale;
    – `Fixed Commission Fee` allows you to set commission fee for Stores on your site and earn fixed amount from each sale;
  • Shipment. Each store has option to select supported shipping locations and set shipping price and delivery time for each location.
  • new Taxes. We’ve re-designed taxes so each store can set a tax per delivery location. It provides more flexibility and allows to easily fit the locations’ tax regulations.
    The taxes are paid by customers and this amount is shown on Checkout page.
  • Credits Each store owner has option to enable selling products for credits if it is allowed by site admin.
  • How Payments are Processed? There are available two methods
    ● Payments are sent from buyer to site finance(paypal) account and tracked on store balance. Store owner can view his balance and request withdrawal to his finance account as soon as he provide his PayPal account details. Site admin can easily accept the withdrawal request and sent fund to his account in just few minutes.
    ● Payments are sent from buyer to the seller(store owner) directly. In this case, you are not allowed to set commission fee to sales. This method is supported only by PayPal(Parallel Payments) i.e. Credits don’t work.
  • Money Withdrawal. Store can view his account balance and send money withdrawal request as soon as he exceed a minimal balance amount which is set by site admin. Of course store is required to provide his finance account details(paypal). These requests are sent to site admin for further consideration: accept, deny, putting on hold with a message. Admin can send money easily in just few minutes without any request of recipient details or clarifications. System is automatically notifies on each change of the withdrawal request and payment status.
  • Statistics. It provides detailed statistics for site administrator and store owners:
    – `Site Administrator` can view statistics per stores – Gross Amount and Sales Count in a selected period(week, month, year); Also you can browse Gross Amount and Sales Count statistics for each product of Stores.
    – `Store Owner` can view Gross ans Sales count statistics for a selected period(week, month, year);
  • Transactions History section provides information about each sale and can be viewed by store owners.
  • Browse Stores page displays online stores of your members. It is widgetized and AJAX based layout which you can customize using Layout Editor. Available modes:
    List displays stores with detailed information in list view.
    Icons displays only store name, icon and like button which is shown on mouse over.
    Map displays stores on Google map(GMAP).
    There are various ajax based widgets which are specially powered for this page: `Browse Stores`, `Store Search`, `Store Categories`, `Store Locations` and `Popular Store Tags`.
    This page requires Pages plugin.
  • My Stores page. It is a simple page which displays member’s stores(pages).
  • Widgets. The following widgets are available if you have Pages plugin installed:
    – `Store Of The Day` widget displays most popular store for current day;
    – `Popular Stores` widget;
    – `Featured Stores Slider` widget;
    – `Sponsored Stores Slider` widget;
  • Page Search. Products are included in both Pages searches: global search and quick ajax search.
  • Product Tags are natively integrated with Pages plugin tags system and can be easily filtered by tags as any other media on page.
  • Likes. Member’s page(store) can be liked, promoted using like buttons and boxes, each fan(members who liked the page) can view the page posts in own live-feed.
  • Many Other Features:
    ● Members can purchase products from many stores at the same time.
    ● Option to enable/disable selling digital products for stores;



Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Store plugin for SocialEngine
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