Social Adsense plugin for SocialEngine


We are happy to present you a new Social Ads plugin. This plugin will help your users to create their own ads campaigns. As for you, it is a great way to monetize your site. In the admin panel, you can create various paid and free plans for different ads campaigns. Also, the plugin allows you to choose several methods of determining the price of the ads in your plans such as Cost per Views(CPV), Cost per Clicks (CPC), Cost per Day(CPD). You can create a lot of variants of ads packages, so users can find the best variant that fits their needs.

At this moment, we provide the next types of ads blocks:

– Side links – Attractive ads blocks will help you to promote your business along with your network.

– Sticker style – This type of block is a great way to promote some announcements or important events. You can set it up with bright colors.

– FB style – This type of ads lets you create ads similar to what you see on Facebook

– Standard block – We create three different blocks with various dimensions where you can upload your banners and links.

РWall action РWe`ve integrated it with our Wall plugin, so you can easily embed ads between actions in a site’s activity feed. We provide two types of ads blocks with different sizes to give you choice which type will fit your needs better.

We provide you with a wide range of settings in admin panel:

Level settings – you can allow or forbid some actions for different member levels. For example, allowforbid members to create ads, showhide ads to members, allowforbid users to manage their ads.

Also you can Enabledisable auto approving of any ads created by members and determine frequency of showing ads in a wall feed.

Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Social Adsense plugin for SocialEngine
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