Hashtags with Wall and Like plugin for SocialEngine


Hashtags is one of the most used features in social media, and recently it has been added in Facebook. Now this value feature is available for SocialEngine due to Hashtags plugin.

Increase your users’ engagement, make their interaction more interesting and topical using Hashtags plugin. Open a new way for social media marketing – promotion campaigns via hashtags.

If there are a lot of posts and discussions, hashtags make it easy to find interesting and topical discussions and participate in realtime without wasting extra time.

Often member’s interests don’t match with their friends|relatives’ interests. The plugin allows to find interesting public discussions, participate in them, and find new connections and be engaged in your social network.

It is enough to put `#` in front of a word or phrase, without spaces, for example, member can put `#SNL` (Saturday Night Live show) in a post and the discussion is started, any member can join to this public discussion by including the same hashtag in their wall post, video, blog, etc. If the hashtag is popular it can “trend” and attract more members to discussion.

You need to replace SocialEngine “TrendingHashtags” widget with our “Trends” widget, So that trending list may come properly on your page.

Hashtags plugin features:

  • Smart and User Friendly. It has a smart design and well-considered behaviour:
    – automatically detects hashtag in wall posts, it is enough to put `#` in front of a word or phrase, without spaces;
    – highlights the hashtags in activity feed as a clickable link;
    – adds hashtags on the bottom of the post near to Like/Share links. If you add more than one hashtag, they are conveniently displayed on mouseover;
    – click on hashtag, it filters feed and displays related posts without the page reloading(AJAX);
    – you are able to participate in discussions (hashtags) and the plugin automatically adds hashtag to your new post (due to active hashtag);
  • Live feed. The plugin allows members to discuss in realtime – new related posts are loaded automatically.
  • Trends. There are available `Trends` widget where are listed the most popular and topical hashtags. You can configure actuality period and the number of shown hashtags in admin panel.
  • Privacy. Plugin takes into account the post privacy and it shows that posts which related to hashtag regarding the privacy of posts.
  • Wall Lists. You can filter the hashtag related posts by Wall plugin lists – Friends, Pages, Photos, Videos, etc.
  • Increase Interaction. It makes easy to find interesting and topical discussions and participate in realtime.
  • Supported Plugins. Hashtags plugin is integrated with the following plugins, via built-in tags or hashtags in their title. It is enough to tag content in these plugins and they are automatically included in hashtags:
    new Albums plugin;
    new Articles plugin (Radcodes);
    – Blogs plugin;
    new Events plugin;
    – Groups plugin;
    new Music plugin;
    new Offers & Coupons plugin (Hire-Experts);
    Pages plugin (Hire-Experts);
    new Pages-Events extension (Hire-Experts);
    new Pages-Music extension (Hire-Experts);
    new Pages-Albums extension (Hire-Experts);
    new Pages-Documents extension (Hire-Experts);
    new Store plugin (Hire-Experts);
    – Videos plugin;

    More plugins and integrations are coming. And please feel free to suggest your ideas – Contact us.

  • new Mobile friendly. If you have Touch-Mobile plugin then your members can enjoy with great features of Hashtags plugin. It is fully supported in mobile with features as posting hashtags and browsing feed and participation in discussions using hashtags. Check here Touch-Mobile plugin.


Demo: http://demo.hire-experts.com/

Hashtags plugin is an extension of Wall plugin that’s why Wall plugin is required.


Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Hashtags with Wall and Like plugin for SocialEngine
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