Friends Inviter plugin for SocialEngine


It is a new level of Inviter plugin with powerful tools for your members to import contacts and find friends. This plugin provides not only contacts importing tools, but also allows members to get connected with their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter connections which are already signed up on your site and invite whose are not registered yet, and many other features.

In summary, it is a great tool for SocialEngine which allows your users to invite contacts from address book(gmail, yahoo, hotmail), social networks(facebook, linkedin, twitter, foursquare, etc), upload contacts file(csv, txt, etc), find people they likely know within social network and introduce himself to whole network to find many new friends with mutual interests quickly.

Friends plugin features:

  • User Interfaces. Facebook styled interfaces – fully based on Ajax(no-page-loads!), simple but stylish UI.
  • Invite Friends. Allows to import and invite contacts from tens email providers and social networks:
  • Write Contacts Form. Allows to write email addresses and include own message in the email body.
  • Upload Contacts file. Allows to import contacts from CSV, TXT, LDIF format file so user can import contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, LinkedIn, Yahoo Mail and many more.
  • Invite Friends on SignUp. The plugin adds a new step into SignUp process which allows to invite friends from email provider or social network.
  • Introduce Yourself widget. If user has few friends on social network then he usually leaves your site so why not to give him a simple tool to find many new friends? Introduce Yourself is a new widget which allows user to type a short message about himself and request for friendship to whole social network. It randomly shows Member Introduction for users with the following details: introduced member’s name, photo, mutual friends and mutual likes (if you have installed our Likes plugin, it allows to easily find people with mutual interests).
    All widgets can be easily located on Member Home or on any other page according to your needs using Layout Editor in admin panel.
  • People You May Know widget. Aka Friends Suggestion tool, it is a nice widget which suggests members based on friend connections. Ajax-refresh updates suggestions instantly as soon as you add or ignore a suggestion.
  • Manageable suggestion list. It allows you to ignore suggestions that you don’t want to be shown again and backward.
  • Advanced Facebook Integration
    – Invite Facebook Friends widget shows member’s facebook friends who haven’t registered on your site yet so it allows to invite them to your site.
    – Find Facebook Friends widget allows member to find facebook friends in social network if they are registered on your site.
  • Advanced Twitter Integration
    – Invite Followers widget shows member’s twitter followers who haven’t registered on your site yet so it allows member to invite them to your site.
    – Find Followers widget allows member to find twitter followers in social network if they are registered on your site.
  • Advanced LinkedIn Integration
    – Invite LinkedIn Connections widget displays member’s connections who haven’t registered on your site yet so it allows member to invite them to your site.
    – Find LinkedIn Connections widget allows member to find connections in social network if they are registered on your site.
  • new Import and Invite Contacts in Pages. Now it supports Pages plugin: it allows page owners to easily import contacts and invite them to visit their page. Also there is a widget which allows to any visitor to invite their friends to check the page, if course if the widget is activated by the page owner.
  • new Referral Code is a unique code provided to each member. There is available special `Referral Link` widget which provides unique link which can be put on blogs and shared to friends on facebook, twitter, emails, etc.
  • Statistics/Charts. It provides detailed statistics: sent invitations, signups by invitations, ratio; it generates informative statistics graphs by selected period(day, week, month, year). Also you can view members’ sent invitations and referred users count.
  • Widgets. You get the following widgets which can be putted on any page via Layout Editor in admin panel:
    `Inviter` – Displays a form which allows to invite friends.
    `People You May Know` – Suggests friends based on mutual friendship.
    `Top Inviters` – Displays Top Inviters in your site.
    `Top Referrals` – Displays Top Referrals in your site.
    `Introduce Yourself` – Allows user to type a short message about himself and introduce himself to whole social network.
    `Member Introduction` – Randomly displays members introductions.
    `Facebook Friends` – Displays member’s Facebook friends and allows to invite them to your social network.
    `Facebook Friends on Site` – Displays member’s Facebook friends who are not connected with him in your social network.
    `Friended on Facebook and Site` – Displays members who are friended on facebook and site with current user.
    `Find More Friends` – Displays nice a widget which impels user to invite friends.
    and many other widgets are available for you
  • Administration. Admin has various settings to control all parts of Inviter:
    – manage which member levels are allowed to invite friends and import contacts
    – enable/disable social networks and email services which are used to import contacts
    – show/hide social networks and email services from Inviter widget

1) Each email service and social network requires API credentials, they are free and can be easily generated on the service site. We provide detailed instruction to properly configure the plugin.
2) If you would like to enable Hotmail/Live/MSN services then your server should have Mcrypt module, it usually exists on most of servers, if it doesn’t exists then request your hosting provider to install this module.



Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Friends Inviter plugin for SocialEngine
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