Event Calendar Plugin for SocialEngine


Event Calendar plugin enables community users to quickly view their events in a monthly grid view.

The Events Calendar for socialengine plugin is a wrapper on existing socialengine event plugin that enables community users to quickly view their events in a monthly grid view. Event plugin allows user to quickly view the details of the event. Multiple events on same date can be displayed on list. A community user can navigate to the events from next or previous months quickly because of the AJAX functionality.For better user experience, Event Calendar plugin keeps the month’s events in cache and doesn’t make unnecessary trip to the remote server. Take a look at Readme for installation
and refund policy.

Plugin Features

  • View events in monthly grid
  • Better and fast user experience.
  • Quickly view event details
  • Drag drop widget


Basic Requirements For SSO

SocialEngine 4.8.7+
SocialEngine Event Plugin

1. SocialEngine Event Calendar Plugin Installation

Plugin installation will function very similarly to the SocialEngine upgrade process.

  • Log into your SocialEngine 4 site and access the Admin area.
  • Access the Manage menu and click on Packages & Plugins.
  • Click on the Install New Packages link, then click on the Add Packages link.
  • Select the modules-ecalendar-xxx.tar file where you extracted the downloaded zip package.
  • Follow the step-by-step wizard to complete the installation of the plugin files.

2. Use Event Calendar widget

Display profile calendar widget on SocialEngine site steps below

  • Go to SocialEngine site admin.
  • Go to Appearance tab menu
  • Click on Layout Editor link.
  • Click on Editing pages and select anyone page if you want display blog on page.
  • Go to Available Blocks and scroll down.
  • Go to Ecalendar widgets section and drag profile calendar widget in selected page section.
  • Click on edit link in profile calendar widget and save widget title.

3. WordPress Socialpress plugin installation steps below

  • Visit ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin’.
  • upload the socialpress.zip.
  • Activate socialpress from your Plugins page.
  • Visit Settings > Socialpress Settings.
  • Copy your Socialengine site url and paste into SocialEngine Site Url text field.
  • Click on the Sync Menus button to sync the menus from socialengine to wordpress.
  • Visit Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations.
  • Set “Se-Menu” where you want to set it.
Event Calendar Plugin for SocialEngine
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