Advanced Search plugin for SocialEngine


Search is one of the key features in social networking, but the most users ignore standard SocialEngine search box due its lack of usability and design. If users feel that it is hard to find the wanted content in your social network then they search it somewhere else.

Advanced Search plugin improves usability and user experience of SocialEngine search. It takes less time to search and view results due to instant search results, so it is enough to start typing and it automatically suggests content(albums, videos, blogs, etc). Full support of hotkeys allows to save time and gives a new level of user experience.

Configurable categories(members/albums/videos/etc) with smart design allows to quickly find exact information.

Advanced Search plugin features:

  • Smart Design. It has attractive and simple(flat style) design which helps to intuitively start searching and easily view results.
  • Usability. It takes seconds to view search results and filter search results by categories.
  • Instant Search Results. It is enough to start typing and it automatically suggests content(members, albums, blogs, videos, etc).
  • Configurable Categories. You can select which categories(plugins) are shown and will be used in search. Also you can set an icon for the category in admin panel using hundreds free icons.
  • Grouped Categories. No more messed up categories! If you search photos then it searches in Photo Albums, Photos, Page Albums, Group Albums, etc.
  • Hotkeys. It is very easy and quick to search using hotkeys! Just press Shift+F to start searching and use KeyUp and KeyDown to filter by categories. Start typing and it displays results where you can use KeyUp and KeyDown to browse and Enter to view the content. Press Esc to start searching again or cancel search.
  • 3d Party Plugins. It supports all 3d party plugins which are integrated with SocialEngine Core Search.
  • Search page is redeveloped with design and usability improvements. It allows to filter by categories, view search results instantly without page reloading with full hotkeys support. Search results are attractively displayed with a larger thumbnails and short details(Page | 14 likes OR Album | 7 photos).

Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Advanced Search plugin for SocialEngine
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