Advanced Questions plugin for SocialEngine


Advanced Questions plugin is intended to increase members engagement in your social network. It is an easy way to get fast replies from friends and network members.
Let your members to ask questions or create polls and get fast, short-form replies or votes.

Replace standard Polls plugin to this attractive, rich for features and widgets plugin. Advanced Questions plugin is user friendly and ajax based with direct interaction on Wall, like Facebook Questions.

Advanced Question plugin requires Wall plugin which are seamlessly integrated with each other and questions can be posted only via wall.

Advanced Questions plugin features:

  • Attractive, Fast and Comfortable. Styled to attract more participants, fully ajax based and user friendly – just one click to participate in polls.
  • Submitting a Question. Questions can be posted directly from Wall – there is available a new `Add Question` icon.
  • Questions on Wall. Posted questions are displayed in newsfeed, and its options are automatically sorted by most popular votes. Members can vote directly on Wall.
  • Add Own Option. Members can easily post own option, and of course, it can be configured by the poll owner while posting it on wall.
  • Browse Questions page is a widgetized page where are listed recent and popular questions.
  • Manage Questions page where member can view and edit own questions, and it is a widgetized page so you can edit it via Layout Editor in admin panel.
  • Question Profile. This page displays the question details, options, peoples who voted, comments, features to follow and share. And of course, it is widgetized page.
  • Follow Questions feature allows members to follow wished questions and get notifications about new votes. Members can unfollow the questions at anytime.
  • Ask Friends. Member can send(ask) a question to friends – it provides a popup window is available options to search and select friends, and of course, send the question.
  • Comments, Likes and Share. Polls are integrated with SocialEngine core features so members can leave comments, share, like and unlike polls.
  • Peoples Who Voted is a special popup window where you can view list of members who voted for an option, search and filter them.
  • Widgets. The plugin provides the following widgets:
    ● Popular Questions
    ● Recent Questions
    ● Friend’s Questions
    ● Member Questions
  • Administration. Advanced Questions plugin provides the following configurations:
    ● Maximum allowed options per question;
    ● Questions per page;
    ● Browse list of questions;
    ● Delete questions;
    ● Restrict by member levels: creating, editing, deletion, commenting, etc;


Advanced Question plugin requires Wall plugin which are seamlessly integrated with each other and questions can be posted only via wall.

Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18; Wall

Advanced Questions plugin for SocialEngine
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