Mobile apps

Mobile applications

We are experts at developing beautiful native iOS and Android apps using our vast library of templates and third party components. We also develop hybrid apps to run same code on all platforms.

iOS & Android

React Native allows us to develop and maintain one app (instead of two), and deploy to both IOS and Android, all without sacrificing performance or usability.

Open Source

Facebook and the open source community in general are clearly very serious about developing this framework. It’s nice to see people actively engaged in React Native issues on GitHub and questions on Stack Overflow.

Save Time & Money

Building for IOS, Android, and the web all with one technology stack saves you time and money, and removes complexity. And since it compiles down to native, there’s no loss in performance.

Rapid Development

Happy developers are productive developers, and React Native has a great development environment. When running React Native in development mode, you can attach to your desktop Chrome browser.

Reusable Code

React Native combines smoothly with components written in Objective-C, Java, or Swift. It’s simple to drop down to native code if you need to optimize a few aspects of your application.

Rich Ecosystem

Since the majority of your React Native code is just plain JavaScript, it reaps the benefits of all the advancements in the language and its ecosystem.

Case Study

Fitness App – Improve productivity

A simple Weather based Walk reminder app and Pedometer. This is a very simple lightweight app which reminds you to walk outside whenever the weather is favorable. Besides, it also measures the number of steps walked in last 24 hours.

Case Study

Grab iOS App

It’s a sharing app. Whether writing a post, connecting with friends on Facebook, following trends or just browsing the web, Grab makes it easy to share bundles of content with your own unique URL. Individuals, Groups and Brands use Grab to share their message with the world.

With on boarding in less than a minute, Grab instantaneously grants the user their very own instant network, allowing them to “grab” and publish content from almost anywhere and ensuring an exciting new social experience.

Case Study

BabiesRUs – Baby Showering Registry

As a side by side partner to the Toys R Us Brand. Babies R Us knows that becoming a parent changes your life forever, and we are here to celebrate your journey into parenthood! We have what you need for every step of the journey, from pregnancy to toddler years.


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