Why ecommerce “make offer” feature is important to boost sale?

We all love to bargain, whenever we go shopping in markets and purchase our order at the lowest price. Now a days eCommerce covers our 70-80% market and day by day customer more inclined towards eCommerce store. We can say that bargaining is associated with DNA of every shopper, an act loves to play. In this article, we demonstrated that why should ecommerce make offer is important to boost store sales ?

Why should ecommerce’s make offer feature is important to boost online sales ?

Lets consider a scenario, there are four e-commerce platforms where customer can buy their favourite product. One of them is a favourite platform of customer for online shopping. Now the customer wants to buy a product, which is available on above four platforms with the difference of some price unit, but customer wants to purchase from their favourite platform because customer has trust and the same time customer is also looking for some discount.

  • What customer will do ?
  • Will purchase the product from favourite site or switch to the best price (lowest price)site ?

A real-time eCommerce bargaining Platform

Make sure you understand what we mean? We are not talking about a low-priced e-commerce shopping platform. We are not talking about a sale site, where you get great deals when buying. We are not talking about a coupon site that allows you to get discounts. We are not even talking about an auction or bidding site, where you bid low in the hope that a few days later, your price is accepted.

We are talking about replicating the real-world experience of bargaining in real time.e-commerce make offer option would require to engage the customer interaction in real time. We are talking about a platform where the customer would get the pleasure of making the system sweat a bit.

Why Real-Time Bargaining platform as a solution ?

It’s our personal view or we guess maybe there are a lot of people with a limited budget, who want some discount or real time bargaining to purchase the product. We have gone through some research for online bargain, We got question like this

  • Is eCommerce website allows people to bargain online ?
  • How can one bargain at eCommerce ?

Answers to these question are more horrible
some of them are :
“There is no one eCommerce website yet that allow the customer to bargain online, but yes there is a number of the online store that runs special offer and discount on products.”

“I never find any bargain online store due to online shopping. But they offer different kinds of discount.”

There are a lot of such question regarding eCommerce bargaining we have gone through.Over time, we realized that online bargaining system influences the customer’s interest in making the purchase – and the price they are willing to pay.

Online bargain may be Greate Differentiator of online store

We are not the e-commerce enthusiast who predict that the bargaining system increase the sale of the store but it may be a unique to your store. Identical shopping carts, coupon, product pages and feature listings leave only for pricing and branding to be differentiators. This is where coming up with an alternative purchase process could prove to be a great differentiator.

A ready-made solution

There are ready made solutions available online for different platforms related with e-commerce platform. For instance magento based ecommerce sites using Magento Price Negotiator Extension which allows customers to make offer realtime and provides a different way for shopping. Some of them are Magento Price NegotiatorShopifyBig Commerce which are using by online websites to boosting their customers database


In this article we demonstrate about realtime ecommerce make offer option and why its important to boost online sales and increase the customer visits. Feel free to share your thoughts and contact us if you have any any query related with above article.

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