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Payment Gateway Integration

When building an eCommerce website, you may need to integrate with other payment gateways that are not bundled out of the box. OgoneFirstAtlanticStripeAuthorize.net are some of the payment gateways that we have integrated with WooCommerce.

Mobile apps and integration

We develop e-commerce websites with great mobile experiences based on WooCommerce. We also develop custom REST APIs so that you can integrate your own mobile apps and any other third party applications.

Plugins and themes

For adding functionality that is unique to your e-commerce website, we develop and customize themes and plugins for WooCommerce. This leads to faster development and an extensible and modular platform.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is incredibly important for e-commerce websites as more than 70% of traffic comes from mobile devices. We leverage themes to develop or revamp your online store to look consistent on mobile, tablets or laptop.

Cloud Migration

We have expertise in designing high performance cloud architectures, migrating existing websites to Amazon AWS, and using Amazon Application Services to build new functionality. We also optimize your cloud costing by autoscaling.

Third party Integration

Whether you need integration with WordPress for your WooCommerce store, Salesforce or Zoho CRM to track the leads, integration with SMS gateway for sending messages or payment gateways, or any other custom application, we have done it all.

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