Why choose us as your technical partner ?

Why us as a technical partner?

We have a fundamental understanding of web & mobile technical stack.

Give us five minutes of your time & we’ll explain how, when and why.


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What about us?

  • Expert Programmers:

    An expert programmer is quicker than a whole team of average programmers. All of our people are top handpicked talents and have a track record of consistently delivering. We simply don’t work with any incompetent people and avoid software solutions delivery failures.

  • Small Teams

    We work in small but highly efficient teams, where management overhead is limited. Small teams have the advantage of spending less time communicating and more time programming. Our team works on one-two week sprints and deploys the solutions for clients’ review.

  • Clear Focus

    We have a clear focus on performance, scalability and flexibility of the web and mobile solutions. Each of our team members is an expert in multiple technologies ranging from SocialEngine, Magento, WordPress, iOS, Android and more.

  • Pragmatic Solutions:

    We try to build efficient solutions with minimum cost. If it is possible to use an open-source or third-party solution that will fit your needs, we will let you know upfront about it. Even when we make custom applications, we utilize best-of-breed open source frameworks instead of building our own.

Meet some of our team members

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

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