Driving online sales through socialengine site using wordpress

Driving online sales through socialengine site using wordpress

In the era of online shopping, any organization wants to sell their products in effective manner along with the social networking platform. These organization would like to sell their products to their social networks as review by community shall be more reliable. One of our client demanded this functionality because he is facing problem in managing products on a […]

Social ecommerce: The cost effective integration!!!!

social ecommerce

The social ecommerce is trending these days as users are actively buying things and connecting with their friends online. There are a lot of platforms which currently offer ecommerce and social networking as separate platforms. Both platforms are effective ways to keep your users engaged on the website. Some of the popular ecommerce platforms are Magento, […]

Best way to notify group members in SocialEngine


Being an group manager you always want to share news among group members. Announcements  posted as a featured news within the group to share about new information. So group announcement plugin is one of the solution for posting announcements for specific groups.The SocialEngine Group Announcement  allows you to add announcement notices which can display automatically for group members […]

SocialEngine integration with IDSTC using Zend SOAP Client

Socialengine and IDSTC integration

SocialEngine is a PHP based platform that allows anyone to have a social network site at a low cost. Anyone can create its own social network within minutes using SocialEngine platform. IDSTC is customer-order management system. We can save customer profile, order, sales representatives commissioning details into IDSTC. We provide SocialEngine custom development to our clients. […]

Best Anti Spams Plugins for Socialengine

No one likes spam – except the spammers themselves, that is. If you’re running a socialengine community, you probably already have at least one spam control installed, but if you are looking for another layer of protection, we’ve dug up some great tools for that purpose. Spam has been a huge problem for communities since the inception of […]