Develop magento mobile app using REST API and OAuth

According to the recent survey conducted by VisionMobile,  most of the developers saying eCommerce is now the best mobile monetization strategy. 40% of US respondents who had downloaded a retailer app said they bought more of that brand’s products. 46% also said the app invite them to visit the physical store more often. For example, Walmart customers […]

Android – Upload Image Using Facebook Fresco

Upload Image Using Facebook Fresco

Uploading image in the android app is alway trick and one need to handle all those out of memory exception or other issues. Normally we  use image-choose-library to upload image in our android applications using ImageView as the view. Image-choose-library is very simple to use as it needs to write less code  and have several other […]

The best five new features in android lollipop

The best five new features in android lollipop

An open source ,Google’s backing, the app ecosystem are some of the important factors which have made the Android OS by Google to reach its current dominant position in the mobile OS market. Recently, Google come with new features in android lollipop  with considerable changes with design after Android 4.4 KitKat version. Android 5.0 Lollipop […]

Android AsyncService for robust and flexible mobile app

android asyncservice

We have been using Robospice framework for quite long time for developing mobile apps based on android platform. Though robospice is excellent framework to handle asynchronous tasks(better than AsyncTask and Loader) and support many frameworks but we need to write a lot of boiler plate code. Sometimes it becomes too big and complex that a […]